PhD Theses completed at Armagh Observatory

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1956A Photoelectric Study of Some RV Tauri and
Yellow Semiregular Variables
Franklin Edward KamenyC.P. Gaposchkin
E.M. Lindsay
1971Flare Stars in the Orion Nebula David AndrewsT. Kiang
1990Activité des étoiles de type dM(e): Modélisation des
éruptions et de leau environment chromosphérique calme
Eric HoudebineC.J. Butler
B. Foing
1990Diagnostics of Late-type Stellar ChromospheresPanagiotis PanagiP.B. Byrne
1992Magnetic activity phenomena in dwarf M and K starsMihalis MathioudakisJ.G. Doyle
1994The Transition Region between the Chromosphere
and the Corona in Late Type Stars
Alessandro C. LanzafameP.B. Byrne
1995Environments of Active Close Binary StarsAlastair Grey GunnJ.G. Doyle
1996Modelling of Circumstellar Environments around
Carbon- and Oxygen-Rich Stars.
Stefano BagnuloJ.G. Doyle
1997Physical Properties of StarspotsPedro J. AmadoP.B. Byrne
1997Prominences on Active Late-Type StarsMaria Teresa EibeP.B. Byrne
1997Late-Type Stars in Young Open ClustersDuncan C. FosterP.B. Byrne
1997Dynamical studies of the Sun in the Extreme Ultraviolet Eoghan Francis O'SheaJ.G. Doyle
1999Hydrogen Balmer Lines in Stellar FlaresDarko JevremovicC.J. Butler
1999Dynamic Events in the Solar AtmosphereM. Elena Pérez PérezJ.G. Doyle
2001Binarity and the origin of subdwarf B StarsRegina Aznar CuadradoC.S. Jeffery
2001Solar Activity, Cloud Cover and Climate ChangeEnric Palle BagoC.J. Butler
20012D Numerical MHD Models of Solar Explosive EventsIlia RoussevJ.G. Doyle
2001Structure and dynamics of the solar outer atmosphere
as inferred from EUV observations
Luca TeriacaJ.G. Doyle
2002The Near-Infrared Tracks of Protostellar OutflowsTigran KhanzadyanM.D. Smith
2002A Theoretical Study of Pulsations in Extreme Helium StarsMaria del Pilar Montañés RodríquezC.S. Jeffery
2003Dynamic Activity in the Outer Atmospheres of Late-type stars
including the Sun
David Garcia-AlvarezC.J. Butler
J.G. Doyle
2003Numerical Simulations of Molecular TurbulanceGeorgi PavlovskiM.D. Smith
2004An Observational Analysis of Helium-Rich Subdwarf B StarsAmir AhmadC.S. Jeffery
2004Brightness and magnetic evolution of solar coronal
bright points
Ignacio Ugarte UrraJ.D. Doyle
2005The influence of climate variables on Tree Ring widths of
different species
Ana María Garcia SuárezC.J. Butler
2005The Impact of Protostellar Jets on their EnvironmentBarry F. O'ConnellM.D. Smith
2005Searching for the origins of the fast solar windMiruna Daniela PopescuJ.G. Doyle
2005Earths’ in Exoplanetary SystemsPeter Nick SleepM.E. Bailey
2005Modes of oscillation in stars and stellar environmentsBabulakshmanan RamachandranM.D. Smith
2006Modelling Meteor Phenomena in the Atmospheres of
the Terrestrial Planets
Jonathan P. McAuliffeA.A. Christou
2006Transient Features in the Solar AtmosphereBebe IshakJ.G. Doyle
2006On the Automatic Analysis of Stellar SpectraChristopher WinterC.S. Jeffery
2007New Model Atmospheres for the Chemically Peculiar StarsNatalie T. BeharaC.S. Jeffery
2007Properties of the Radio Emission at the Stellar/Substellar BoundaryAntoaneta AntonovaJ.G. Doyle
2008Numerical Simulations Concerning the Propagation of
Protostellar Jets
Anthony MoraghanM.D. Smith
2008An Observational Study of Post-Asymptotic Giant Branch StarsTimur ŞahinC.S. Jeffery
2009Development of a Software Package for the Reduction
and Analysis of Video Records of Meteors
Prakash AtreyaA.A. Christou
2010Investigating jets in the lower-to-mid solar atmosphere:
Observations & Numerical Simulations
Eamon ScullionR. von Fáy-Siebenbürgen
J.G. Doyle
2010Small Scale EUV and X-ray Transient Brightenings in the
Solar Atmosphere
Srividya SubramanianJ.G. Doyle
M.S. Madjarska
2011A Multiwavelength Abundance Analysis of sdB Stars Using
New Model Atmospheres
Caroline PereiraC.S. Jeffery
2012Radio Emission from Ultracool Dwarfs and
the Relevant Radiation Mechanisms
Shenghua YuJ.G. Doyle
2013Evolution of Bright Points, X-ray jets, their physical
parameters and magnetic field in and around Coronal Holes
Zhenghua HuangJ.G. Doyle
M.S. Madjarska
2013The role of chromospheric jet-like events in coupling
the chromosphere and corona: A multi-instrument approach
Kamalam VanninathanJ.G. Doyle
M.S. Madjarska

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