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News and Web Site Updates 2009

»Northern Ireland Trees Provide Clues to Climate Change 2009 December 15th
»A Good Year to View Geminid Meteors 2009 December 7th
»Second Wettest November Since 1838 2009 December 2nd

»Polar Fireball Captured by Armagh Observatory Cameras 2009 November 26th
»Climate signal in tree-ring chronologies in a temperate climate: A multi-species approach 2009 November 24th
»From Earth to the Universe at Armagh County Museum 2009 November 23rd
»"Portraits of Astronomers" Exhibition Launched in Armagh County Museum 2009 November 20th
»Minutes of 77th Meeting of the management Committee - PDF 2009 November 20th
»Movies of Leonid Meteors 2009 Nov 16th to 17th 2009 November 17th
»OASES Exhibition Launch in St. Patrick's Trian 2009 November 13th
»Leonids Meteor Outburst 2009 November 9th
»John Flannery's "Sky Guide 2010" - PDF 2009 November 4th
»OASES Exhibition Launch in St. Patrick's Trian 2009 November 2nd
»Mild October 2009 November 2nd

»Videos of public lecture - "Why are we here?" 2009 October 26th
» Minutes of the Seventy Sixth Meeting of the Management Committee 2009 October 26th
» Armagh Natural History and Philosophical Society Public Lecture 2009 October 9th
» Future Public Events 2009 October 7th
» Pleasant September 2009 October 2nd

Observatory Receives International Recognition for Work to Reduce Light Pollution 2009 September 24th
Children from Mount St. Catherine's Primary School, Armagh, Star at International Conference on Light Pollution 2009 September 24th
Quasi-Hilda Comet 147P/Kushida-Muramatsu - Another long temporary satellite capture by Jupiter 2009 September 16th
Freedom of Information Pages 2009 September 16th
Deriving the Coronal Hole Electron Temperature: Electron Density Dependent Ionization/Recombination Considerations 2009 September 15th
Jupiter captured comet for 12 years in mid-20th century 2009 September 14th
Local Children Participate in International Symposium on Light Pollution 2009 September 11th
Humid August 2009 September 2nd
Observatory Opens Doors for European Heritage Open Day 2009 September 1st
Undergraduate and School Student Projects 2009 September 1st

Astronomy Weekend at Newgrange 2009 August 28th
Hot subdwarfs from the stable Roche lobe overflow channel 2009 August 24th
Light Pollution and its Impact 2009 August 24th
150th Anniversary of the Great Solar Storm 2009 August 21st
Observatory's Historic Data Used to Constrain Sunspot Cycle 2009 August 20th
Perseid Meteor Predictions Spot On 2009 August 20th
Perseid Meteor Videos 2009 2009 August 12th
Staff Photo August 2009 2009 August 5th
Magnetism and binarity of the Herbig Ae star V380 Ori 2009 August 3rd
July Wetter and Sunnier than Average 2009 August 3rd

A Solar Cycle Lost in 1793–1800: Early Sunspot Observations Resolve the Old Mystery - PDF 2009 July 31st
Free Astro-Art Fun Workshop and Amazing Astronomy Images in Lurgan Library 2009 July 24th
Total Eclipse Images 2009 July 24th
Forthcoming Public Events 2009 July 22nd
Cosmos Versus Canvas: Astronomy Inspires Art at Armagh 2009 July 20th
Stellar spectropolarimetry with retarder waveplate and beam splitter devices 2009 July 20th
June Sunnier and Warmer than Average 2009 July 2nd

The chemical abundance analysis of normal early A- and late B-type stars 2009 June 29th
Evidence for an eclipse in SWIFT J052522.48+241331.8 2009 June 23rd
Cloud with a Silver Lining 2009 June 22nd
Signatures of Alfvén waves in the polar coronal holes as seen by EIS/Hinode 2009 June 18th
Former Armagh Observatory Students Hit Scientific Headlines 2009 June 12th
Climate signal in tree-ring chronologies in a temperate climate: a multi-species approach 2009 June 10th
Coronal hole boundaries evolution at small scales: I. EIT 195 Å and TRACE 171 Å view 2009 June 8th
Explosive events associated with a surge 2009 June 8th
Astro-Archeology Days 2009 2009 June 5th

The solar observations at Armagh Observatory in 1795-1797 - PDF 2009 May 26th
"From Interstellar Matter to Deep Impact ... and Life" 2009 May 22nd
The Night Sky at Armagh 2009 May 12th
Armagh Heritage Day 2009 2009 May 8th
"Science of Armageddon" - Jay Tate 2009 May 6th
Second Cross-Border Science Conference "Great Success" 2009 May 5th
April Wetter and Warmer than Average 2009 May 5th
Annual Report 2008 - PDF format 2009 May 5th

RAT J1953+1859: a dwarf nova discovered through high amplitude QPOs in quiescence 2009 April 28th
Second Cross-Border Schools Science Conference 2009 April 28th
"Armagh Observatory: World-Class Institution" 2009 April 21st
Business Plan 2009-2010 2009 April 20th
Postdoctoral Position in Ultracool Dwarfs Research 2009 April 8th
March Drier and Milder Than Average 2009 April 2nd

Lectures on Stellar Magnetism 2009 March 31st
Earth Hour Reduces Light Pollution 2009 March 30th
UK astronomers observe asteroid before it crashes into Earth - STFC 2009 March 26th
80-ton asteroid's impact recorded - BBC 2009 March 26th
Videos of David Southwood Public Lecture 2009 March 25th
International Year Of Astronomy In Full Swing 2009 March 24th
International Space Station Shows New Face 2009 March 24th
Amazing Astronomy Images on Display in Saint Patrick's Trian 2009 March 18th
Management Committee Minutes, November 2008 - PDF 2009 March 11th
Schools Science Conference 2009 2009 March 4th

Driest February for Ten Years 2009 February 19th
High Performance Computing at Armagh Observatory 2009 February 19th
The Astrophysics of Ultra-compact Binaries 2009 February 18th
The 2007 Aurigid meteor outburst 2009 February 16th
Public Lecture, "Space in a Modern Society", 14th March 2009 2009 February 16th
January Drier and Sunnier 2009 February 11th
Observational constraints on the magnetic field of RR Lyrae stars 2009 February 4th
The Tunguska impact event and beyond 2009 February 4th
The Observatory magazine reviews Border Heritage Book 2009 February 3rd

AstroWeather Panel 2009 January 27th
Optical spectroscopy and photometry of SAXJ1808.4−3658 in outburst 2009 January 27th
2XMMi J225036.9+573154 – a new eclipsing AM Her binary discovered using XMM-Newton 2009 January 21st
International Year of Astronomy 2009 Opens With a "Big Bang" in Dublin 2009 January 13th
Leverhulme Professor Arrives at Armagh Observatory 2009 January 8th
Web Site Statistics for 2008 2009 January 6th
December Drier 2009 January 5th
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