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News and Web Site Updates 2012

☆  The present-day flux of large meteoroids on the lunar surface—A synthesis of models and observational techniques 2012 December 18th
☆  Faulkes Telescope Observations - Asteroids and Comets 2012 December 14th
☆  KIC 10449976: discovery of an extreme-helium subdwarf in the Kepler field 2012 December 3rd
☆  Fixed-Term Postdoctoral Position in Solar Physics 2012 December 3rd
☆  Cooler November 2012 December 3rd
☆  Relative Humidity at Armagh Observatory, 1838-2008 2012 November 29th
☆  Videos of the 2012 Robinson Public Lecture 2012 November 28th
☆  Bayesian inference of T Tauri star properties using multi-wavelength survey photometry 2012 November 28th
☆  All-Ireland Astronomy Trail Launched 2012 November 28th
☆  The influence of star formation history on the gravitational wave signal from close double degenerates in the thin disc 2012 November 22nd
☆  All Sky Camera View of 2012 Leonid Meteors 2012 November 20th
☆  A Volume Limited Radio Survey of Ultracool Dwarfs 2012 November 20th
☆  A high-resolution spectropolarimetric survey of Herbig Ae/Be stars II. 2012 November 20th
☆  A high-resolution spectropolarimetric survey of Herbig Ae/Be stars I. 2012 November 19th
☆  Observatory Open for Tours on Georgian Day 2012 November 14th
☆ Armagh Observatory 2012 Robinson Lecture 2012 November 6th
☆ October Colder than Normal 2012 November 1st
☆ Raising Collections Awareness and Preserving History in Armagh 2012 November 1st
☆ Looking for a Pulse: A Search for Rotationally Modulated Radio Emission from the Hot Jupiter, τ Boötis b 2012 October 31st
☆  Minutes of the 85th Meeting of the Management Committee, Feb. 2012 - PDF 2012 October 15th
☆  Draconid meteor storms 2012 October 10th
☆  2012 Robinson Lecture 2012 October 9th
☆  Polarimetry of transneptunian objects (136472) Makemake and (90482) Orcus 2012 October 8th
☆  Coronal hole boundaries at small scales: IV. SOT view
Magnetic field properties of small-scale transient brightenings in coronal holes
2012 October 5th
☆  A Cool, Wet September 2012 October 1st
☆  August Wetter and Sunnier than Normal 2012 September 1st
☆  Armagh Observatory Business Plan 2012-2013 (PDF) 2012 August 29th
☆  On the incidence of weak magnetic fields in DA white dwarfs 2012 August 28th
☆  Armagh Observatory Opens Doors For European Heritage Open Day 2012 August 24th
☆  Perseid Meteors in 2012 2012 August 1st
☆  Dull and Wet July 2012 August 1st
☆  The habitability and detection of Earth-like planets orbiting cool white dwarfs  2012 August 1st
☆  Staff and Summer Students Photograph 2012  2012 July 30th
☆ STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship Scheme (2012)  2012 July 19th
☆ Solar fine-scale structures. I. Spicules and other small-scale, jet-like events
at the chromospheric level: observations and physical parameters 
2012 July 17th
☆ Suppression of X-rays during an optical outburst of the helium dwarf nova KL Dra  2012 July 5th
☆ Kepler Observations of V447 Lyr: An Eclipsing U Gem Cataclysmic Variable  2012 July 5th
☆ Wettest June for 160 Years  2012 July 2nd
☆ Coronal hole boundaries at small scales: III. EIS and SUMER views  2012 July 2nd
☆ Stokes IQUV Magnetic Doppler Imaging of Ap stars I. ESPaDOnS and NARVAL Observations  2012 June 28th
☆ Observatory Annual Report 2011 - PDF  2012 June 26th
☆ Bright Near-Earth Object Flypast Tonight (update)  2012 June 14th
☆ Free Summer Solstice Event at Beaghmore Stone Circles 2012 June 8th
☆ Armagh Astronomer Observes Transit of Venus 2012 June 7th
☆ Fair-weather May 2012 June 1st
☆ Exhibition to Mark Exceptionally Rare Transit of Venus 2012 May 10th
☆ An Audience with Sir John Houghton CBE FRS 2012 May 8th
☆ Armagh Students Observe Unusual Double Star 2012 May 3rd
☆ April Drier and Cooler Than Average 2012 May 2nd
☆ The Diagnostic Potential of Transition Region Lines under-going Transient Ionization in Dynamic Events 2012 April 30th
☆ Jupiter helps Halley's Comet give us more spectacular meteor displays - External link 2012 April 27th
☆ Videos of public lectures, "Discovering the Universe", St Patrick's Day 2012 2012 April 20th
☆ Magnetometry of a sample of massive stars in Carina 2012 April 20th
☆ Videos from the Stargazing LIVE event 2012 2012 April 19th
☆ The magnetic fields of hot subdwarf stars 2012 April 16th
☆ Electron Beam Induced Radio Emission from Ultracool Dwarfs 2012 April 5th
☆ New Astronomy Posters 'From Earth to the Universe' installed on the Library Wall at the Observatory 2012 April 4th
☆ Highest March Temperature for 47 Years 2012 April 2nd
☆ Off-limb (spicule) DEM distribution from SoHO/SUMER observations 2012 March 28th
☆ Human Orrery shows Kepler's Laws 2012 March 12th
☆ Observatory and RAS Leaflets 2012 March 7th
☆  Virtual Visits Updated 2012 March 6th
☆  Astronomers Search For Life 2012 March 1st
☆  February Drier, Duller and Milder than Average 2012 March 1st
☆  Armagh Observatory and Planetarium Management Committee Minutes November 2011 - PDF 2012 February 24th
☆  Observatory Presents Free Public Lectures and Opens for Guided Tours on Saint Patrick’s Day 2012 February 22nd
☆  Lecture, Cosmic Cuilcagh, IAA @ LNDC, COSMOS, RDS, Amagh, ISS, Venus, Earth Hour 2012 February 20th
☆  Critical evaluation of magnetic field detections reported for pulsating B-type stars in the light
of ESPaDOnS, Narval, and reanalyzed FORS1/2 observations
2012 February 13th
☆  Kinematics and helicity evolution of a loop-like eruptive prominence 2012 February 13th
☆  Chemical abundances of magnetic and non-magnetic Herbig Ae/Be stars 2012 February 9th
☆  January Slightly Drier and Milder Than Normal 2012 February 2nd
☆  Queensland Total Solar Eclipse Leaflet 2012 January 27th
☆  Orange Lights in the Sky: Chinese Lanterns or Fireballs? 2012 January 25th
☆  S/gazing Update, Lecture, Galway SP, Spacecraft crash, Space/Astro News, Aurorae 2012 January 16th
☆  Last Year’s Weather Exceptionally Mild and Changeable 2012 January 12th
☆  Universe Awareness at Beaghmore 2012 January 9th
☆  Lectures, Stargazing Live, IAA/Radio, Galway AF, IFAS award, E-ELT, ISS, Venus 2012 January 9th
☆  Star Party, Lectures, BBC Stargazing, IAA/Radio, Galway, Comet, Venus, Aurorae 2012 January 5th
☆ BBC Stargazing LIVE 2012: "Where the Heavens Meet the Earth"
At An Creagan and Beaghmore Stone Circles, Wednesday 18th January 2012
2012 January 4th
☆  Mild December 2012 January 2nd
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