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News and Web Site Updates 2015

☆ Dull, Wet November, Much Warmer Than Average 2015 December 7th
☆ A Good Year To View The Geminid Meteor Shower 2015 December 1st
☆ From Earth To The Universe: Astronomy Talk In Magherafelt Library 2015 November 20th
☆ The Harmony Of The Spheres: Armagh Observatory Events For Georgian Day 2015 November 20th
☆ Mild, Dry October With About Average Sunshine 2015 November 20th
☆ Mercury Gets A Meteoroid Shower From Comet Encke 2015 November 10th
☆ Observatory Releases aroundNorth Feedback Videos 2015 November 2nd
☆ Continuous ‘stunted‘ outbursts detected from the Cataclysmic Variable KIC 9202990 using Kepler data 2015 November 2nd
☆ Coronal Response to an EUV Wave from DEM Analysis 2015 October 14th
☆ Active region upflows. II. Data driven magnetohydrodynamic 2015 October 14th
☆ Active region upflows. I. Multi-instrument observations 2015 October 14th
☆ Jupiter, Venus and Mars stand proud in the morning sky 2015 October 13th
☆ Cool September, but sunnier and drier than average 2015 October 5th
☆ Chief Executive Officer recruitment 2015 October 1st
☆ The September 28th total eclipse of the Moon 2015 September 23rd
☆ DCAL release 60-second Planetarium video 2015 September 17th
☆ Cold, wet August, a little sunnier than average. coldest summer for 29 years 2015 September 8th
☆ New space weather research grant awarded to Armagh Observatory 2015 August 14th
☆ Observatory Staff Photo August 2015 2015 August 12th
☆ Discovery of tenth transiting circumbinary planet 2015 August 11th
☆ Coldest July for 22 years, duller and wetter than average 2015 August 11th
☆ The FORS1 catalogue of stellar magnetic field measurements* 2015 August 11th
☆ Weather on other Worlds: Armagh Astronomer finds Aurora ten thousand times brighter than the Northern lights 2015 August 5th
☆ Cool transition region loops observed by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph 2015 August 3rd
☆ Searching for I band variability in stars in the M/L spectral transition region 2015 August 3rd
☆ Imaging polarimetry and spectropolarimetry of comet C/2013 R1 (Lovejoy) 2015 August 3rd
☆ Annual Perseid meteor shower promises a fine display 2015 July 29th
☆ A novel and sensitive method for measuring very weak magnetic fields of DA white dwarfs: A search for a magnetic field at the 250 G level in 40 Eri B 2015 July 27th
☆ Spectral Variations of Of?p Oblique Magnetic Rotator Candidates in the Magellanic Clouds 2015 July 27th
☆ Yarkovsky-Driven Spreading of the Eureka Family of Mars Trojans 2015 July 22nd
☆ Armagh Observatory and Planetarium Business Plan 2015/2016 - PDF format 2015 July 21st
☆ STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship Opportunities (2015) 2015 July 8th
☆ K2 and MAXI observations of Sco X-1 - Evidence for disc precession? 2015 July 7th
☆ Driest June for nine years, cooler and sunnier than average 2015 July 3rd
☆ Close Approach of Venus and Jupiter Visible in Evening Sky 2015 June 11th
☆ Royal Mail stamp of Armagh Observatory features on Postbox in Armagh 2015 June 8th
☆ Minutes of the Ninety Fourth Meeting of the Management Committee - PDF 2015 June 8th
☆ Coldest May for nearly 20 Years 2015 June 4th
☆ Observatory Releases Two Creativity Month Videos 2015 June 4th
☆ On the calibration of the relation between geometric albedo and polarimetric properties for the asteroids 2015 June 1st
☆ Sunniest April for 94 years, slighly wetter and cooler than average 2015 May 7th
☆ A Glimpse into Brian Boru’s World at Armagh Observatory 2015 April 17th
☆ Bright Fireball on 25th March 2015 2015 April 17th
☆ Sunniest March for 12 Years, Drier and Cooler than Average 2015 April 2nd
☆ Minutes of the Annual Visitation of the Board of Governors held on 28th March 2014 2015 April 1st
☆ Modelling circumplanetary ejecta clouds at low altitudes: a probabilistic approach 2015 March 23rd
☆ Ellerman Bombs with Jets: Cause and Effect 2015 March 18th
☆ The view from K2: Questioning the traditional view of flaring on early dM stars 2015 March 10th
☆ Minutes of the Ninety Third Meeting of the Management Committee - PDF 2015 March 9th
☆ Dull, Cool February; Winter 2014/2015 Sunnier, Cooler and Wetter than Average 2015 March 4th
☆ SSALMON - The Solar Simulations for the Atacama Large Millimeter Observatory Network 2015 March 2nd
☆ Launch of First Permanent "aroundNorth" Installation, and Tours of Portable Exhibit Around Northern Ireland 2015 March 2nd
☆ Astronomers Gear up for Great Partial Solar Eclipse 2015 February 19th
☆ Dance of the Planets in the Evening Sky 2015 February 19th
☆ The Partial Solar Eclipse of Friday 20th March 2015 - PDF 2015 February 18th
☆ Armagh Observatory St Patrick’s Day Event
"Discovering the Sun and Stars at Armagh"
2015 February 12th
☆ Armagh Observatory and Queen’s University Belfast Play Leading Role
in World’s Largest Solar Telescope Project
2015 February 10th
☆ Sunny but Cool January, Wetter than Average 2015 February 9th
☆ Postdoctoral Research Assistant - Stellar Evolution Modelling 2015 January 26th
☆ New Research at Armagh Observatory to Receive £0.5M Grant 2015 January 26th
☆ Web Site Statistics for 2014 2015 January 22nd
☆ Stellar Flares Observed by LOFT: Implications for the Physics of
Coronae and for the "Space Weather" Environment of Extrasolar Planets
2015 January 13th
☆ Minutes of Management Committee 5/6/2014 2015 January 12th
☆ Systems Manager Vacancy 2015 January 5th
☆ Rare Opportunity to Spot Mercury in Evening Sky 2015 January 5th
☆ Armagh Observatory Gains Time on Large Cross-Border Supercomputer 2015 January 5th
☆ Cold, Wet December, Sunnier than Average 2015 January 5th
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