This is a series of periodic postings by Terry Moseley of the Irish Astronomical Association. They cover happenings of relevance or interest to astronomers in Ireland.

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Bulletins for 2015

-Issued 2015 April 22nd
Newgrange Archaeoastronomy trip, CME, Progress Re-entry, TV, BBQ, ESO, Solarfes-Issued 2015 May 6th
AGM, ISS, Robotic Obs, COSMOS, Amateurs for Rosetta, ESO, Trip to Newgrange-Issued 2015 April 15th
Eclipse reports, ISS, Fireball, Easter events, IAA public events, ESO, Obs nites-Issued 2015 March 31st
Radio, IAA at Bangor, Lecture, eclipse reports, ISS, Fireball, Courses, Sir PM-Issued 2015 March 26th
ECLIPSE SPECIAL, QUB disovery, Rainbows & rockets, ISS, LOTS more-Issued 2015 March 14th
TV, Talk, Planets, ISS, Eclipse events, Observing, Lecture, OpenNight AP, Bangor-Issued 2015 March 11th
Lecture, Amazing comet photo!!! TV, Jupiter's Moon Dance, Venus, Spock, more-Issued 2015 March 3rd
SunWatch at QUB, Stargazer, IAA Lecture, BBC, Ceres, Venus, Jupiter, more...-Issued 2015 February 27th
Lecture 2nit, Binocs, Donation, Ireland to Mars? V young Moon + 22 other items!-Issued 2015 February 18th
Lecture, QUB builds world's largest Solar Tel, Jupiter Venus & Moon, Many talks-Issued 2015 February 14th
Lecture tonight, TV, Jupiter & Venus, ISS, Science Events, Galway SP, IFAS AofY-Issued 2015 February 4th
Lecture, close miss, Science events, Comets latest, SAN, Observing, NISF, GSP...-Issued 2015 January 31st
Lecture, close miss, ISS, Fireball, Science event, Comet, IFAS, Star parties-Issued 2015 January 21st
Lecture, ISS, Close miss, Science event, Comet, Goodies, Beagle2, Galway S/P etc-Issued 2015 January 17th
Lectures, ISS, Comet Lovejoy, Science event, IFAS, Death, IT job, IAA Obs nights-Issued 2015 January 6th

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