Web Site Policy


The Armagh Observatory maintains logs of all accesses to this web site. The logs are the standard web server logs and include IP number, browser identity, referrer site and files accessed. This information is for internal use and is not supplied to third parties.

This site uses a tool that collects your requests for pages and passes elements of them to search engines to assist them in indexing this site. We control the configuration of the tool and are responsible for any information sent to the search engines.


Our web sites use Google Analytics to generate web site statistics. This is implemented by means of a Google Analytics tracking cookie. No personal information is collected.


The information and images on this site, excluding third party logos, are the property of Armagh Observatory and copyright belongs to the Observatory unless otherwise stated.


Only those pages which bear the Armagh Observatory logo, as displayed at the top of this page, are official Armagh Observatory web pages. The Armagh Observatory is not responsible for and does not endorse the contents of any external sites which are linked to from this site.

Last Revised: 2014 November 26th