Press Releases

Release DateSubject
2018 April 3rd Cold, dull March, slightly wetter than average. Coldest Saint Patrick's Day for at least 175 years.
2018 March 4th Cold, damp February, sunniest at Armagh for 14 years
2018 February 5th Very wet January, slightly cooler and sunnier than average
2018 January 6th Dull, damp December, slightly warmer than average. 2017 slighty drier and duller than average, but much warmer
2017 December 4th Cool, dry November with about average sunshine. Autumn as a whole slightly duller and warmer than average
2017 November 2nd Warm, dry October, dullest for 71 years
2017 October 18th A solar-powered asteroid nursery at the orbit of Mars
2017 October 5th Wettest September for seven years; cool with about average sunshine
2017 October 2ndArmagh Observatory and Planetarium Business Plan 2016/2017
2017 September 2nd Cool August, with rainfall and sunshine close to average. Wettest summer at Armagh for five years
2017 August 8th July wetter and sunnier than average, and slightly cooler
2017 July 5th Dullest and wettest June for five years; warmer than average
2017 July 4th New telescope for detecting optical signals from gravitational waves opened
2017 June 4th Record May: Dry, very warm, and sunniest for 82 years. Warmest spring on record
2017 May 8th Driest April for 35 years; dullest for 20 years. Slightly warmer than average
2017 April 4th Warm March, sunnier and wetter than average
2017 March 31st Astronomers find orbit of Mars hosts remains of ancient mini-planets
2017 March 7th Mild, dull, dry February; driest winter at Armagh for 53 years
2017 March 3rd Unveiling the Origins of the Heating of the Sun's Corona
2017 March 2nd St Patrick's day events hosted by Armagh Observatory
2017 February 3rd Mild, very dry January, sunnier than average
2017 January 5thDry, Sunny, Very Mild December. 2016 Warmer and Drier Than Average, With About Average Sunshine
2016 December 5thBright Dry November, Cooler Than Average; Driest Autumn in Nine Years.
2016 November 28thInvitation to a workshop in Armagh to discuss participation in the Cherenkov Telescope Array project in Ireland.
2016 October 6th Warmest September for 10 years and dullest since 2008; Slightly drier than average
2016 September 9th Dry, mild August with about average sunshine
2016 August 17th Dull, wet July; Roughly average temperature
2016 August 2nd Observatory open evening on 11th August for Perseid Meteor Watch
2016 July 8th Mild, dull and damp June: Warmest for six years
2016 June 16thAstronomers discover large circumbinary planet in habitable zone
2016 June 6thWarm May, driest and sunniest for eight years
2016 May 23rdArmagh astronomers welcome UK involvement in new super telescope
2016 May 11thAmazing transit of Mercury
2016 May 11thColdest April for 27 years, slightly drier and duller than average
2016 May 3rdTransit of Mercury 9th May 2016
2016 April 7thPleasant March: slightly drier, milder and sunnier than average
2016 March 16thCool, damp February with average sunshine; wettest winter for 139 years
2016 March 15thDiscovering the stars at Armagh: Free St Patrick’s day events hosted by Armagh Observatory
2016 February 12thArmagh City Promo Film Launched at Armagh Planetarium
2016 February 10thObservatory student’s prize-winning images selected for Dublin exhibition
2016 February 10thAstronomers anticipate major announcement from Gravitational Wave Observatory
2016 February 5thMild, wet January, slightly duller than average
2016 January 25thExceptionally Mild 24th January 2016
2016 January 15thMagnetic flux supplement to coronal bright points
2016 January 15thBroadband linear polarization of Jupiter Trojans
2016 January 15thCentaurs as a hazard to civilisation
2016 January 14thWettest December on record at Armagh, warmest December since 1988 and coolest year since 2010
2015 December 7thDull, Wet November, Much Warmer Than Average
2015 December 1stA Good Year To View The Geminid Meteor Shower
2015 November 20thFrom Earth To The Universe: Astronomy Talk In Magherafelt Library
2015 November 20thThe Harmony Of The Spheres: Armagh Observatory Events For Georgian Day
2015 November 20thMild, Dry October With About Average Sunshine
2015 November 10thMercury Gets A Meteoroid Shower From Comet Encke
2015 November 2ndObservatory Releases aroundNorth Feedback Videos
2015 October 13thJupiter, Venus and Mars stand proud in the morning sky
2015 October 5thCool September, but sunnier and drier than average
2015 September 23rdThe September 28th total eclipse of the Moon
2015 September 17thDCAL release 60-second Planetarium video
2015 September 8thCold, wet August, a little sunnier than average. coldest summer for 29 years
2015 August 14thNew space weather research grant awarded to Armagh Observatory
2015 August 11thDiscovery of tenth transiting circumbinary planet
2015 August 11thColdest July for 22 years, duller and wetter than average
2015 August 5thWeather on other Worlds: Armagh Astronomer finds Aurora ten thousand times brighter than the Northern lights
2015 July 29thAnnual Perseid meteor shower promises a fine display
2015 July 3rdDriest June for nine years, cooler and sunnier than average
2015 June 11thClose Approach of Venus and Jupiter Visible in Evening Sky
2015 June 8thRoyal Mail stamp of Armagh Observatory features on Postbox in Armagh
2015 June 4thColdest May for nearly 20 Years
2015 June 4thObservatory Releases Two Creativity Month Videos
2015 May 5thSunniest April for 94 years, slightly wetter and cooler than average
2015 April 17thA Glimpse into Brian Boru’s World at Armagh Observatory
2015 April 2ndSunniest March for 12 Years, Drier and Cooler than Average
2015 March 4thDull, Cool February; Winter 2014/2015 Sunnier, Cooler and Wetter than Average
2015 March 2ndLaunch of First Permanent "aroundNorth" Installation, and Tours of Portable Exhibit Around Northern Ireland
2015 February 19thAstronomers Gear up for Great Partial Solar Eclipse
2015 February 19thDance of the Planets in the Evening Sky
2015 February 12thArmagh Observatory St Patrick’s Day Event
"Discovering the Sun and Stars at Armagh"
2015 February 10thArmagh Observatory and Queen’s University Belfast Play Leading Role
in World’s Largest Solar Telescope Project
2015 January 9thSunny but Cool January, Wetter than Average
2015 January 26thNew Research at Armagh Observatory to Receive £0.5M Grant
2015 January 5thRare Opportunity to Spot Mercury in Evening Sky
2015 January 5thArmagh Observatory Gains Time on Large Cross-Border Supercomputer
2015 January 5thCold, Wet December, Sunnier than Average
2014 December 8thWet November: Warm, Wet, Dull Autumn
2014 December 3rdGeminid Meteors Promise a Fine Display
2014 December 1stGeorgian Day Tours: A Great Success
2014 November 12thFree Tours of Armagh Observatory for Georgian Day
2014 November 10thWarm, Wet October, Warmest Halloween on Record
2014 October 13th Observatory Staff Recognized Internationally
2014 October 2ndSecond Driest September on Record
2014 September 4th Cold Wet August, Sunnier than Average
2014 August 18thPresident of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, Visits Observatory
2014 August 15thObservatory Cameras Catch Perseid Meteors
2014 August 4thWarm, Dry July
2014 July 2ndDriest June for Eight Years
2014 June 20thRare Noctilucent Clouds Seen Over Armagh
2014 June 17th Observatory and AmmA “Highly Commended” at DCAL Awards Ceremony
2014 June 3rd Exceptionally Dull May
2014 May 6th Warm, Dry and Sunny April
2014 April 7th Observatory Helps to Waken Interest in Brian Boru’s Life and Times
2014 April 3rd Mild, Dull March
2014 March 25th Successful Launch of aroundNORTH
2014 March 6th aroundNorth: Launch of Award-Winning Sonic-Art Installation at Armagh Observatory
2014 March 3rd Wet, Sunny and Mild February; Wettest Winter for 20 Years
2014 February 10th A Wet and Mild January
2014 January 3rd Warm, Wet December
2013 December 5th Bright, Dry and Cool November
2013 November 28th Book Launch at Armagh Public Library, 7.30pm, 11th December 2013: "A Mystic Dream of 4"
2013 November 15th Sungrazing Comet ISON Brightens in the Morning Sky
2013 November 11th Armagh Observatory Opens Doors for Georgian Day
2013 November 5th Warm, Wet and Bright October
2013 October 25th Armagh’s Human Orrery Reproduced Internationally
2013 October 3rd Mild, Dry September
2013 September 18th Armagh Cameras Catch Unexpected Outburst of Meteors
2013 September 16th Sunny Summer and Warm, Dry August
2013 September 2nd Armagh Observatory Opens Doors for European Heritage Open Day
2013 August 22nd Bright Nova in the Constellation of Delphinus
2013 August 2nd Perseid Meteors in 2013
2013 August 2nd Exceptionally Warm and Sunny July
2013 August 1st Under Leaden Skies - Where Heavy Metal Clouds the Stars
2013 July 30th Rare Atmospheric Phenomenon Observed from Armagh
2013 July 2nd June Slightly Drier, Sunnier and Warmer than Normal
2013 June 20th Early Calculator Unearthed in Observatory Archives
2013 June 4th An Average May but the Coolest Spring Since 1979
2013 June 3rd Rare Noctilucent Clouds Seen Over Northern Ireland
2013 May 29th April Cooler, Sunnier and Slightly Drier than Average
2013 April 2nd Record Breaking March: Exceptionally Dull and Cold, and Wetter than Average<
2013 March 6th Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Legacy in Armagh
2013 March 5th University of Ulster Fine Art Students Present "Comet PANSTARRS is Coming" at Armagh Observatory
2013 March 4th February Slightly Sunnier, Wetter, and Cooler than Average
2013 March 1st Comet C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS) Brightens Nicely for Saint Patrick's Day
2013 February 26th From Earth to the Universe – Astronomy Exhibition and Talks in Omagh Library
2013 February 21st Former Armagh Student Discovers Moon-Sized Exoplanet
2013 February 12th Armagh Astronomer’s Asteroid Discovered to be Double
2013 February 4th Asteroid 2012 DA14 to Buzz the Earth
2013 February 4th January Duller and Wetter than Normal
2013 January 25th Armagh Star Honoured in India
2013 January 7th "The Life of Galileo" in Armagh Observatory
2013 January 1st Weatherwise: An Average December
2012 December 3rd Cooler November
2012 November 27th All-Ireland Astronomy Trail Launched
2012 November 14th Observatory Open for Tours on Georgian Day
2012 November 6th Armagh Observatory 2012 Robinson Lecture
2012 November 1st October Colder than Normal
2012 November 1st Raising Collections Awareness and Preserving History in Armagh
2012 October 1stA Cool, Wet September
2012 September 1stAugust Wetter and Sunnier than Normal
2012 August 24thArmagh Observatory Opens Doors For European Heritage Open Day
2012 August 7thPerseid Meteors in 2012
2012 August 1st Dull and Wet July
2012 July 2nd Wettest June for 160 Years
2012 June 7th Free Summer Solstice Event at Beaghmore Stone Circles
2012 June 7th Armagh Astronomer Observes Transit of Venus
2012 June 1st Fair-weather May
2012 May 10th Exhibition to Mark Exceptionally Rare Transit of Venus
2012 May 3rd Armagh Students Observe Unusual Double Star
2012 May 2nd April Drier and Cooler than Average
2012 April 2nd Highest March Temperature for 47 Years
2012 March 1st February Drier, Duller and Milder than Average
2012 March 1st Astronomers Search For Life
2012 February 22nd Observatory Presents Free Public Lectures and Opens for Guided Tours on Saint Patrick’s Day
2012 February 2nd January Slightly Drier and Milder Than Normal
2012 January 12th Last Year’s Weather Exceptionally Mild and Changeable
2012 January 4th Universe Awareness at Beaghmore
2012 January 2nd Mild December
2011 December 27th Warmest Christmas Day for at Least 168 Years
2011 December 27th Warmest Christmas Day for at Least 168 Years
2011 December 1st Mild November
2011 November 1st Second Wettest October on Record
2011 October 10th September Wetter
2011 September 26th Observatory Opens For Rare Meteors
2011 September 1st August Drier than Average
2011 August 1st Dry July
2011 July 1st A Touch Chilly for June
2011 June 17thAstronomers Find Evidence for a Strange New Planetary System
2011 June 2ndMay Slightly Wetter and Warmer than Usual
2011 May 25thAstronomers at Armagh Observatory Find a Solitary Superstar
2011 May 20thUnravelling Starlight at Armagh Observatory
2011 May 17thArmagh Observatory Hosts "FLAMES" Consortium
2011 May 2ndApril Drier, Sunnier and Milder
2011 April 8th Late Easter
2011 April 6th Astronomers Find Newly Discovered Asteroid is Earth's Companion
2011 April 1st March Sunnier Than Average
2011 March 8th Armagh Robotic Telescope Opened
2011 March 3rd February Wetter and Milder Than Average
2011 February 18th Astronomers Present Saint Patrick's Day Events
2011 February 9th a href="/press/2011/EUNAWE-Feb09.html">Armagh Observatory Involved in Major European "Universe Awareness" Project
2011 February 4th New Armagh Telescope Sees First Light
2011 February 1st January Drier and Sunnier
2011 January 3rd Partial Solar Eclipse
2011 January 1st Exceptionally Cold December
2010 December 21st Coldest December Night for More Than 120 Years
2010 December 20th Childrens Art On Display In Armagh City Library
2010 December 16th Stars on the Street in New City Centre Sculpture
2010 December 8th A sparkling zirconium star
2010 December 6th Meteor Observing at Armagh Observatory
2010 December 1st Coldest November Since 1985
2010 November 29thFireball Over Northern Ireland May Be On CCTV
2010 November 8thArmagh Observatory and Armagh Rhymers OASES Out-of-this-World Experience at the Planetarium
2010 November 1stOctober Drier and Sunnier
2010 November 1stArmagh Observatory 2010 Robinson Lecture
2010 October 14th Bright Fireball Observed by Many
2010 October 4th ADAS at Armagh Observatory
2010 October 1st September Wetter
2010 October 1st Having a Blast in Armagh
2010 September 2nd August Drier and Sunnier
2010 August 28th European Heritage Open Day at Armagh Observatory
2010 August 28th International Meteor Conference in Armagh
2010 August 6th Moving Stars at John Hewitt Summer School
2010 August 4th Vote for the Stars!
2010 August 2nd Wet July
2010 July 27th "aroundNorth" MUSICAL COMPETITION
2010 July 23rd Norwegian Student Discovers Stellar Flares at Armagh Observatory
2010 July 19th Stellar Magnetism in Armagh
2010 July 19th 125th Anniversary of Observatory's Grubb Telescope
2010 July 1st June Warmer and Sunnier than Average
2010 June 24th OASES Event in Armagh: A Great Success
2010 June 1st Cross-border and Cross-community OASES in Armagh
2010 June 1st Archaeology Days 2010
2010 June 1st May Drier and Sunnier than Usual
2010 May 28th Academy Honours Observatory Director
2010 May 24th Observatory Receives Awards for Outreach
2010 May 24th Helium Stars in Violent Flare Ups
2010 May 3rd April Drier and Sunnier than Average
2010 April 28th Moon - Landing Hoax Theories Revealed
2010 April 28th Observatory to Feature in New Music Award Competition
2010 April 12th Armagh Pupils Win Astronomy Competition
2010 April 2nd March Wetter, Sunnier and Colder
2010 March 4th Armagh Solar Physics on Display at Westminister
2010 March 1st February Drier and Colder than Average
2010 February 1st January Drier and Colder
2010 January 26th Schoolchildren Recover Martian Companion Using Faulkes Telescope
2010 January 2nd Cold December
2009 December 15th Northern Ireland Trees Provide Clues to Climate Change
2009 December 4th A Good Year to View Geminid Meteors
2009 December 1st Second Wettest November Since 1838
2009 November 26th Polar Fireball Captured by Observatory Cameras
2009 November 23rd From Earth to the Universe at Armagh County Museum
2009 November 20th "Portraits of Astronomers" Exhibition Launched in Armagh County Museum
2009 November 13th OASES Exhibition Launch in St. Patrick's Trian
2009 November 9th Leonid Meteors Outburst
2009 November 2nd OASES Exhibition Launch in St. Patrick's Trian
2009 November 2nd Mild October
2009 October2nd Armagh Natural History and Philosophical Society Public Lecture
2009 October2nd Pleasant September
2009 September 24thObservatory Receives International Recognition for Work to Reduce Light Pollution
2009 September 24thChildren from Mount St. Catherine’s Primary School, Armagh, Star at International Conference on Light Pollution
2009 September 11thLocal Children Participate in International Symposium on Light Pollution
2009 September 2nd Humid August
2009 September 1st Armagh Observatory Opens Doors for European Heritage Day
2009 August 24thLight Pollution and its Impact
2009 August 21st150th Anniversary of the Great Solar Storm
2009 August 19thObservatory's Historic Data Used to Constrain Sunspot Cycle
2009 August 19thPerseid Meteor Predictions Spot On
2009 August 1stJuly Wetter and Sunnier than Average
2009 July 20thFree Astro-Art Fun Workshop and Amazing Astronomy Images in Lurgan Library
2009 July 20thCosmos Versus Canvas: Astronomy Inspires Art at Armagh
2009 July 2ndJune Sunnier and Warmer than Average
2009 June 19thCloud with a Silver Lining
2009 June 12thFormer Armagh Observatory Students Hit Scientific Headlines
2009 June 5thAstro-Archeology Days 2009
2009 June 1stSunny May
2009 May 5thArmagh Heritage Day 2009
2009 May 5thSecond Cross-Border Science Conference "Great Success"
2009 May 5thApril Wetter and Warmer than Average
2009 April 28th Second Cross-Border Schools Science Conference
2009 April 2nd March Drier and Milder Than Average
2009 March 30th Earth Hour Reduces Light Pollution
2009 March 24th International Year Of Astronomy In Full Swing
2009 March 24th International Space Station Shows New Face
2009 March 2nd Driest February for Ten Years
2009 February 19thHigh Performance Computing at Armagh Observatory
2009 February 11thJanuary Drier and Sunnier
2009 January 12thInternational Year of Astronomy 2009 Opens With a "Big Bang" in Dublin
2009 January 9thLeverhulme Professor Arrives at Armagh Observatory
2009 January 5thDecember Drier
2008 December 22nd Twelve Days of Mercury This Christmas
2008 December 22nd Armagh Observatory Research Internationally Recognized
2008 December 18th Winter Solstice Web-Cast to Mark International Year of Astronomy
2008 December 11th Don't Forget the Leap Second
2008 December 10th Armagh Travellers Support Group Sees Stars
2008 December 2nd Dry November
2008 December 2nd Magnificent Planetary Conjunction over Armagh
2008 November 10th 2008 Robinson Lecture
2008 November 3rd Cool October
2008 October 23rd Rare October Snowfall
2008 October 23rd Small Asteroids Fly Past Earth
2008 October 9thPollution Telescope Sees First Light
2008 October 7thFirst Earth-Colliding Asteroid Detected Before Impact
2008 September 10thAppointment of Members of the Management Committee of Armagh Observatory and Planetarium
2008 September 1stGloomiest August on Record at Armagh
2008 August 22th Response to reports on climate web sites
2008 August 6th A Spot of Siberian Darkness for Armagh Astronomer
2008 July 28th Armagh In My Heart
2008 July 24th Solar Eclipse Visible from Armagh
2008 July 4th Dry June
2008 June 2nd Warmest May for 160 Years
2008 June 2nd Armagh and Monaghan’s Cross-Border Heritage Celebrated in Armagh
2008 May 1st April Drier and Sunnier Than Average
2008 April 28th AHD2008 and Guided Tour of Armagh Observatory
2008 April 4th Armagh Astronomers Identify Shooting Stars on the Red Planet
2008 April 1st March Wetter and Sunnier than Average
2008 March 28th Mayor Meets Anglo-Australian Telescope Board
2008 March 6th Observatory Celebrates Grants Success
2008 March 4th February Drier and Milder than Average
2008 February 11th Total Lunar Eclipse
2008 February 5th Wettest January Since 1948
2008 February 5th Public Lecture
2008 January 28thFebruary Public Lecture and Future Events - PDF
2008 January 7thComet 8P/Tuttle and the December Ursids
2008 January 7th2007 Warmest Year on Record at Armagh
2008 January 2ndDecember Milder and Sunnier
2008 January 2ndNovember Milder and Duller
2007 December 4th Christmas Stars
2007 November 1st Driest October for over Fifty Years
2007 October 29th Comet in Major Outburst Now Visible in Evening Sky
2007 October 1st Pleasant September
2007 September 17th Observatory Hosts Summer School on Solar System Plasmas
2007 September 6th Observatory Hosts European Heritage Open Day
2007 September 6th August Weather Rather Average
2007 August 16th Meliboea Shadow Captured Over Armagh
2007 August 14th Astronomers Celebrate the Sun and the Ancient Skies of Newgrange
2007 August 2nd Return of the Perseid Meteors
2007 August 1st July Much Wetter Than Average
2007 July 2nd Observatory to Provide Free Summer Evening Tours
2007 July 2nd Watery June
2007 June 29th Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition
2007 June 18th Observatory Director Honoured
2007 June 11th Sun Shines Brightly for Observatory Open Day
2007 June 1st Sunny May
2007 May 31st Armagh Observatory Hosts Open Day For International Heliophysical Year
2007 May 16th First Observation of a Uranian Mutual Event
2007 May 14th Armagh Heritage Day 2007
2007 May 1st Sunniest April Since 1921
2007 April 7th Middling March
2007 March 7th First Cross-Border Schools Astronomy Conference
2007 March 6th Total Lunar Eclipse Graces Clear Irish Skies
2007 March 1st Weather in February
2007 February 13th Shooting Stars in Armagh
2007 February 1st Mild January
2007 January 29th Lindsay Centennial Conference
2007 January 11th Lindsay Centennial Conference
2007 January 2nd December Milder
2006 December 25th Quadrantid Meteors Ring in the New Year
2006 December 4th November Milder and Sunnier
2006 November 28th Observatory Robinson Medallist Delivers Schools Lecture in Armagh
2006 November 10th 2006 Robinson Lecture
2006 November 10th The Leonids Final Fling
2006 November 7th Weather in October
2006 October 2nd Second Warmest September on Record
2006 September 1st August Slightly Warmer and Drier
2006 August 16th Armagh Observatory Snaps Many Perseid Meteors
2006 August 16th Astronomers Debate Status of Pluto
2006 August 1st Second Warmest July in Armagh
2006 July 24th Armagh's Gardens and parkland on Display
2006 July 21st Hottest Three Days Since Records Began
2006 July 18th Rare Noctilucent Clouds Seen Over N.I.
2006 July 3rd Flaming June
2006 June 1stHumid May
2006 May 12thArmagh Heritage Day
2006 May 5thAstronomers Watch Comet Break Up
2006 May 2ndApril Drier and Sunnier
2006 April 24thPublic Lecture: Space Science in Europe
2006 April 11thSolitaire Ring in the Sky
2006 April 3rdMarch Wetter and Duller Than Usual
2006 March 31stSolar Eclipse Observed at Armagh
2006 March 13thArmagh Astronomer Solves Star Mystery
2006 March 1st February Drier and Sunnier
2006 January 19thLaunch of Ireland and Northern Ireland's Population Health Observatory
2006 January 2ndDecember Milder and Duller
2005 December 27th New Year to Arrive One Second Late
2005 December 22nd Observatory Astronomer Honoured by International Astronomical Union
2005 December 2nd Bright Geminid Meteors
2005 December 1st November Drier and Sunnier
2005 November 10th 'Africa's Giant Eye' Officially Opened in South Africa
2005 November 1st October Wetter and Duller
2005 October 1st Cool September
2005 September 30th "Disastrous" Meeting at Armagh Observatory
2005 September 5th Local Amateur Astronomer Honoured
2005 September 1st SALT Gives Crystal Clear Images
2005 September 1st August Cooler and Drier
2005 August 11thArmagh Observatory Summer Student Snaps New Planet
2005 August 1stWeather in July
2005 July 1stWeather in June
2005 June 1stWeather in May
2005 May 9thSaturn Yields More Secrets
2005 February 14thTop Astronomer to Give Public Lecture on Joseph Priestley
2004 November 19thRobinson Schools Talk
2004 November 15thProspects for the Leonid Meteors
2004 November 1st October Cooler and Wetter
2004 October 29th Jupiter Encounters Venus in the Morning
2004 October 26th Observatory Celebrates 10 Years of the National Lottery
2004 October 19th Total Lunar Eclipse
2004 October 15th Chance of a Cometary Impact Re-assessed
2004 October 11th Armagh Astronomer Launches Book
2004 August 3rd Perseid Shooting Stars
2004 August 2nd Near-Earth Asteroid 2000 PH5 Observed by School Student at Armagh Observatory
2004 May 28th Venus Transit Events at Armagh Observatory
2004 June 1stMild May
2004 May 24th Venus Transit Exhibition
2004 February 24th Public Events in Spring 2004
2004 January 12th International Collaboration to be led by Armagh Astronomers
2003 December 19th Quadrantid Meteors Herald the New Year
2003 December 15th Spread of Life through the Galaxy
2003 December 1st The Twins Meteors
2003 November 7th Meteors from Comet Tempel-Tuttle
2003 November 4th Total Lunar Eclipse
2003 October 30th Superb Aurora
2003 October 9th Time Event
2003 August 26th Archives on Display in Armagh
2003 August 26th Summer Students Show Their Paces
2003 August 13th Centaurs: The Comet-Asteroid Missing Link
2003 August 1st The Perseid Meteor Shower
2003 August 1st Renowned Astrophysicists Visit Armagh
2003 July 8thSOHO Antenna Anomaly
2003 June 20th New Calver Dome Arrives
2003 May 28thSolar Eclipse May 2003
2003 May 2ndTotal Lunar Eclipse
2003 April 25thMercury passes in front of the Sun
2003 January 10thArmagh "Old Boy" Receives Asteroid
2002 November 8th Leonid Meteors to Storm In
2002 September 13th International Telescope Society Visits Armagh
2002 September 4th Mary Brück Public Lecture
2002 August 14th 500th SOHO Comet
2002 July 26th Asteroid 2002 NY40 Will Buzz Earth
2002 May 29th Music of the Spheres at Armagh
2002 May 13th New Thriller by Observatory Astronomer Explores the Lure of Alien Life
2002 May 13th Armagh Astronomers to observe Ringing Star with Global Telescope
2002 April 20th Gathering Planets in May
2002 March 25th Mystery of R Coronae Borealis and Other Helium Stars Solved
2002 March 5th Comet C/2002 C1 Ikeya-Zhang
2002 January 16th First Detection of an Asteroid Shadow over Armagh
2001 December 21st Observatory Connects to All-Ireland Computer Programme
2001 December 17th Observatory recognised as Centre of Excellence
2001 December 11th Geminid Meteors
2001 December 1st Another Mild November
2001 November 14th The 2001 Leonid Meteor Shower
2001 September 20th Director of European Space Science Visits Armagh
2001 September 17th Local Amateur Astronomer Honoured
2001 September 3rd Irish Astronomers Meet in Armagh
2001 August 23rd Armagh to lead European Collaboration
2001 July 2nd Armagh Digs for SALT
2001 June 15th Climate Change Research
2001 April 26th Sun Earth Day
2001 March 15th St Patrick's Day Gift to Armagh
2001 January 11th Top Astronomer to Lecture in Armagh
2001 January 4th First Total Lunar Eclipse of the New Millenium
2000 November 13th 200 Years on the Net
2000 November 13th Leonids by Moonlight
2000 October 31st Japanese Discover Large Earth-Crossing Asteroid
2000 October 30th Robinson Lecture 2000
2000 August 24th Armagh Joins Southern African Large Telescope Project
2000 August 11th International Astronomers Gather in Armagh
2000 August 7th Meteors by Moonlight
2000 July 31st Visit by the Director of Belgrade Observatory
2000 July 24th New Moon Discovered Orbiting Jupiter
2000 May 11th Long-lost Asteroid Found
2000 February 15th Supercomputer Destined for Armagh
2000 February 7th Minister to Visit Armagh
2000 February 7th Top Astronomer Announces Minor Planet (9140)DENI
2000 January 20th Spinning-Star-Formation
2000 January 17th Total Lunar Eclipse - January 2000
1999 November 22nd Leonid Predictions Spot On
1999 November 8th Fine Leonid Display Predicted
1999 October 1st September Monsoon
1999 August 24th Earth in a Twist: Predicting the Storm
1999 May 13th More Edgeworth Comets
1999 April 1st Carville's Observatory
1999 March 16th Opik Visits Armagh
1999 March 1st Edgeworth's First Century
1999 March 1st House Of Commons Debate
1999 March 1st Mild Dry February
1999 January 28th An Excess Of Earths
1999 January 1st Twelth Night Tempest
1998 October 28th Napier's Nemesis
1998 October 12th Robinson Lecture 1998

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