Star Formation

Stars are not hatched or baked, but born. We are trying to follow the conception, pregnancy, birth and youthful exuberance of stars.

Star Formation and Magnetohydrodynamics: one begins with clouds of molecules and dust....... one generates jets, shocks, turbulence, disks and protostars........... and one ends up with stars and planets. We can sketch the sequence of events. But we are still faced with the basic questions: why, how, where and when?

Our projects include:-

Jets: computer simulations of the spectacular narrow beams of gas.

Molecular Clouds: how a cloud might collapse as it loses support from supersonic turbulence.

Shock waves and Bows : the signatures of the birth of stars.

Outflows: observations and analysis of the monster ones

Ambipolar diffusion: when magnetic fields go their own way.

Unification and Evolution: an attempt to link the many components.

Last Revised: 2009 November 6th